Frequently Asked Questions



What will happen on my wedding day?

Daniela will come to your accommodation at the arranged time to make you look a million dollars.


Do you come to my location for the Make up /Hair trial and on the day of the wedding?

Yes. If you live within 10 miles it is free of charge although sometimes it is preferable to do certain services in my salon. A free pick-up can be arranged with prior notice.


How can one person do all the styling in time to get us to the wedding service?

Again, with years of experience and working within a network of professional artists, if there is a large party then two or more artists will attend.


Can you send more than one artist?

Yes, if a few people need make up and hair and they need to be ready quite early, I can send as many artists as you need.


What happens if the Artist's car breaks down or she is ill?

As a local person with many resources , there is always someone to fall back on if something like that happens, but "touch wood" this has never happened yet to me.


I am staying in a remote location, can you still come to me?

Yes, but you need to let me know in advance where exactly you are as I often like a trial run to be sure of my destination.


Do I have treatments on the wedding day?

I recommend any nail or beauty treatments to be done prior to the wedding day if possible. This would allow nails to dry and any treatments to settle such as eyebrow tinting, waxing, facials etc.


What if we don't know what look we want on our special day?

I encourage you to bring as many hair and makeup ideas taken from magazines showing the kind of look you imagine as this enables me to create your own chosen style. However, don’t worry if you don’t have any, we can look through the Brides portfolio and use further resources to get your desired look.


Do the bridesmaids also have to have a Make up / Hair trial?

It is up to you, some bridesmaids like to have a trial, but to keep the cost down, you may prefer for just the bride to have a trial.


I have sensitive skin, can I still get my make up done?

Yes, although you would have to let me know in advance so that I will bring hypoallergenic products with me. If you want me to use your own cosmetics, to be 100% sure, that will not be a problem.


How long will my make up /hair last on the day?

I have tried and tested many products and have found great professional products together with my experience and application that last in the hot climate of Cyprus.


What happens if i get sunburn on my face?

Obviously it is advisable to use a good sun block as it is easy to burn in this hot climate. However it does happen so not to worry with my professional expertise and products you can still look great on your special day.


When should I cut or colour my hair?

It is always advisable to visit your hairdresser for treatments or styling around two days or more before the wedding. This will give the cut a chance to fall into the desired shape, and the colour a chance to settle down.


Should I wash my hair on the day?

Most hairdressers prefer the hair to be washed the night before, if you are having an upstyle this is advisable as it does go up better. If you do want to wash it on the day this is also ok but it must be fully dried before the arrival of the hairdresser. If you are having a blow dry then this must be washed on the wedding day and just before the hairdressers arrival.


How do I pay?

A deposit of €25 is paid through Paypal at time of booking, outstanding balance to be paid in cash on the day of the trial or on the wedding day.


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